Winter hat with Beard and Mustache (Crochet)

It’s definitely one way to keep your face warm… Great for Kids of all ages and doesn’t matter what sex they are..  Great for MOM’s and Dad’s too..  Perfect 12 hr. or less (depending on your own skill level)  GAG gift project..

Hat-w-Beard HATThis time I needed to work on a hat for my daughter, she came to me and said that it was spirit week at school next week (this was Friday).  Only, she didn’t give me much time to come up with something..

considering I only had 2 days (and not the right colors of yarn) do it with. Since she wanted a gold hat, with a brown beard and mustache.. lol.. I had to go shopping to get the new yarn. Being that we live so far away from the nearest Wal-Mart too, it took most of ONE of the 2 days going shopping.. SO..  On the ONE day that I had to “create” this hat.. I did some research online to see “what’s out there”,  I couldn’t find a pattern that I could buy, so I could follow it and it would be easy and no mistakes. NO, I had to find several pictures of one’s that other people did, and they using trial and error. This is what I came up with..  I had several patterns for hats. but of course, my daughter didn’t like any of them.. lol..  So I made this one..  The beard and mustache could use a lot of work… But for a first time creation, I think it turned out pretty darn good..  I think it will make a great costume for Halloween.  Al though it fits me better than her, even though I measured her for it.. The yarn stretched more than I expected.

Here is my daughter and I both wearing the hat..  Turned out, she decided not to wear it on Hat day.. She just wasn’t in the mood…  I have to say I was very disappointed after all that work I did and in such short time…   She promises to wear it sometime..   Yeah, right…  Now I am going to make a miniature one for my –soon-to-be grandbaby that is on the way.. lol  These things are just so darned cute..

Do a Google search (or whatever search program you use) on hat with beard and mustache.. You will laugh at all the cute hats out there..


Please leave me a comment letting me know what you think of my project.. I would love to hear from you.

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