What’s up for 2013 Holiday Cooking in your house?

Betty Crocker’s 2013 Red Hot Holiday Trends

From sweet to savory cooking in the neighborhood homes, the trends are mind blowing..  Now I’ve seen some strange combo’s being tested on the cooking shows on T.V.   Some I would love to try out, and some I think I will surely be keeping my distance from..  I’m not sure about you, but What is up with the new hot rage with BACON on everything???  I love Bacon as much as the next guy ( or gal ) But for goodness sake, keep it off my cupcakes and ice cream please.. Some things are sacred.

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Anyhow,  Betty Crocker and I go WAY BACK you see, and I’ve heard through the grape vine that she has a host of Red Hot Holiday Trend Recipes, you all (and me of course) to try out at home..  I, of course, have already been testing my New oven out on a few of these babies… But I thought I would Give you sneak peak here on a few of them..

Some of Betty Crocker’s Holiday Baking Must-Haves

For example,  I will give you a full days Meals / DISH ‘s

To start off with a light Breakfast snack with this delightful choice

All-American Pastries
From doughnuts to shortcakes, our love for all-American pastries is a year-round affair that never gets old. For a quick upgrade to your brunch-bread basket, try these light-as-a-feather popovers, made easy with help from Bisquick.

· TRY Mini Popovers with Flavored Butter Trio

Mini-Popovers with Flavored Butter Trio

For the Afternoon snack

Communal Food
To us, the best part about party food is enjoying it with loved ones. Ideal for holiday open houses and impromptu gatherings, these fully loaded spicy pull-aparts can be baked in batches as company (or hunger) arrives.

· TRY Spicy Three-Cheese Bacon Bites

Spicy Three-Cheese Bacon Bites



And For a totally fab dessert, but please, I beg you DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER,

The New Fruitcake
A modern take on a Christmastime classic, this luscious two-layer cake, studded with whiskey-soaked fruits and filled with sweetened mascarpone, will be the belle of any holiday ball.

NOW, YOU KNOW this looks amazing right… So say Good by to the OLD fruitcake that everyone loves to slam up against the wall (and it usually sounds like a brick hitting the wall).

· TRY Upside-Down Apple Cake with Whiskey-Soaked Fruit

Upside-Down Apple Cake with Whiskey-Soaked Fruit


There are many more recipes here at Betty Crocker / Red Hot

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