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Tuna Egg Salad on toasted Bruschetta (Recipe)

Posted on | March 9, 2013 | No Comments

StarKistTUNA      This is the first of many recipes in this series.. I am doing a series of posts for a campaign I am a part of (see this post -StarKist, Chicken of the Sea…:  ) This is my first recipe post for this campaign and I am very excited to say that I am loving this very much. Earlier today I introduced You all (my readers) to this campaign. Please read about it if you haven’t already, and be prepared for some really awesome recipes and I am ready to excite your taste buds beyond belief (and mine) for that matter.

To start I have began with a traditional recipe with a tiny twist of my own (some of you surely are already doing this), I love adding egg to my tradition tuna salad sandwich recipe.. yeah I know, I’ve heard it all. An ex boyfriend even told me “If I wanted egg salad I would have made egg salad.”  Well, I say “what ever dude”.  I like this way so , Talk to the hand.. Or whatever the current equivalent saying is for the kids today is.  Anyway you like it, try your own recipe but try it like this at least once.. That’s all I ask..  If you can’t try new things that what are you here for ???  All images are clickable so you can see a close up of them so you can see the true deliciousness of the yummy tuna, egg and toast. YUMMMY

AMR-TunaEggSaladBruschettaA Moms Rantings Tuna Egg Salad on Toasted Bruschetta

  • 2 slices (per person) Bruschetta (or substitute Garlic bread if your not on a diet, Which I wasn’t so this is what I used in the Photo as you can see.) TOASTED OF COURSE
  • 1 large egg boiled, peeled and diced up (the whole egg including the yolk)
  • 3 Tablespoons Miracle whip light
  • 1 Table spoon mustard (sub spicy mustard or Grey Poupon for a nice new Spicy Twist on the flavor)
  • 1 package of StarKist Albacore White tuna packet in water
  • * 2 slices of Sandwich sliced pickles diced into tiny bits (optional – I like the sour in my recipe however the mustard should be enough so this could be skipped)
  • ** A special hint: how about kicking it up a notch with adding some FRESH SPINACH  Maybe  we can try this next time and update the recipe with some new photos.. This would be great..  Anyone beat me to it, I would love to put your photo in here and give you credit.

TOPPED:  top the a teaspoon or so of shredded parmesan cheese (fresh is better but not required)


First You toast the bread (no butter or garlic ect.. Just plain)

De-shell the egg and dice it

Dice pickle slices into bits

in a bowl, add contents of Tuna packet, Miracle whip, mustard, pickled diced into bits, and egg bits.. Stir all together as shown here.


Spoon dollops (spoonful’s) onto bread (full sized garlic bread will take 3-4 spoonful’s.. Bruschetta will take maybe 1 – 2 spoonful’s at most…) 

and then Sprinkle about a tsp (teaspoon) of parmesan cheese onto top of tuna mixture.  You can re-toast it if you wish, this would definitely add a great new texture and flavor enhancer to it.. I did not as I was very hungry and was not willing to wait (as per the drool hanging from my chin demanded I eat immediately) However, next time I will try to re-toast it to get the cheese to melt a tad bit and to re-firm the toast back up again.


If you choose to make this recipe, please post a comment here, I would love to hear how it went, even if you change the recipe, I would love to POST about it (create a GUEST post from your own words and RE vamp the recipe in your own words..) so Please let me know… I love input, GOOD and BAD.. I always welcome it with open arms and Smiles..


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