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Protect yourself On Facebook.. DID YOU KNOW?

Facebook-amomsrantingsThat you could be exposing yourself and your safety more that you think‚Ķ  Especially since Facebook changed it‚Äôs privacy settings at the end of 2012..

I’m going to show you how to protect yourself..

On Facebook:  *(click on images to see larger view ‚Äì easier to read the small print )*

Click the padlock on the screen’s top right hand corner (hopefully your Facebook page looks similar to Mine)



It should look like this page:  This way you can Quickly Verify that ONLY APPROVED FRIENDS can see your posts‚ĶNOW, at the bottom of that drop-down menu, Choose ‚Äúsee more settings‚Äù, to limit who can view what you‚Äôve posted in the past‚Ķ


Wait that’s not all.. There’s more….

Click the ‚ÄúADS‚Äù link on the left side of the screen..  Select  ‚Äú NO ONE‚Äù from the ‚Äú Third Party Sites‚Äù and ‚Äú Ads & Friends‚Äù Drop-down menus ‚Äì that means your photos and info may not be used in the advertisements..



Third Party Sites – Click on EDIT


this is what it looks like – Click on the “ NO-ONE” and then save changes


Then go to Ads & Friends – Click on EDIT


This is what it looks like… click on the “ No ONE “ then save changes…



Be wise though… About which photo you Even UPLOAD to Facebook, especially when you share photo’s of your children these days… Even if your settings allow ONLY your friends to see the pictures, that doesn’t mean they can’t be downloaded and shared by others..


On TWITTER Select “Protect my Tweets” and on the INSTAGRAM app, select “Photos are Private”, followers will have to request access to your page..


Even links that appear to have been posted by your friends might have been added by cybercriminals just for the purpose of accessing your personal data.. Use restraint when posting photos of your personal location.. I recently had this happen to me.. It sucks.

Hints;  poor grammar and unusual topics are often signs of malicious links. And remember that when you ‚Äúcheck in‚Äù to locations with FourSquare and similar smartphone apps, you‚Äôre broadcasting your exact whereabouts and the fact that you‚Äôre not at home..  So if your in the market too have your home robbed or inviting a stalker to follow you.. Go right ahead..  Not that I‚Äôm interested in creating a bunch of Paranoid skitzoids or anything. FAR from it, but we are not living in the 1920‚Äôs here.. This day and age it‚Äôs dangerous out there and people are desperate, the economy is bad and people are losing their jobs left and right and are in need of money, food and they don‚Äôt care how they get it..  All I‚Äôm saying is protect yourself‚Ķ  This is just ONE extra way to protect yourself‚Ķ


This has been an

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