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Painting on my nails again

Posted on | September 20, 2012 | No Comments

P9170004I have been enjoying working on my nails.. As said in an earlier post, it’s a new passion. I ordered some new toys before I get completely broke. lol.. Some new nail polish paint brushes and new polishes lol… I may be broke but at least I can sit here and paint my nails and have them look pretty… No one will get to see them (well, not in person. you all will get to see them as long as I can pay my internet bill. lol).  anyway.  Here is my latest attempt.


I was working on creating the newspaper print on my nails. I couldn’t decide on the color so I played with a few bright colors to see which one I liked  best. I played with a few designs… I went off of a design I watched on YouTube of course 

THIS ONE is the YOUTUBE ladies:  fairy-newspaper

she designed hers this bright green.. Beautiful isn’t it..  I can only dream to be this skilled.


(I made one green too) she created fairies and toad stools ect…  so I tried it out too…   Here is my attempts…   I didn’t have any glitter to put on mine this time around.. Next time I will try that, .. Plus I was working with trying to paint with a very thick paint brush which is not good, and with my left hand (I am right handed)… I didn’t think it through enough.. I should have started with painting on my left hand using my right hand to get more practice in before going to the left.. Oh well.. Next time. right.. It’s not bad for the first time, I might say..  Here they are.  The first photo up at the top of the post you can see where the newspaper is, I soaked it in rubbing alcohol (some people use vodka). then Press it (print down onto nail) and hold for a few seconds) lift and remove from nail to get the result show in next photo. use a Q-tip soaked in the alcohol to remove the print from your fingers / skin

newspaper (2)newspaper (1)

Then I took some light brown paint thinned with water and gently pained around the edges of the nails to give the nail an aged look before I painted the toad stools and fairies onto the nails, using different designs as you can see. I put a love letter on the pinky of both hands with a little red heart on the top of the letter.  The thumb is the only finger that has the fairy on it, the others have other scenes as you can see.

newspaper (4)newspaper (3)

My thumb nails with the fairies.  The pink one was drawn with my left hand, the green one drawn with my right..   I’m no Pro.. But I think I can save myself a few dollars by doing it myself…

Oh, and I think I like the newspaper look without the drawings on them. Would have been pretty with just the newspaper txt don’t you think.?

newspaper (5)nail (6)


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