Organic Essence – Review and Giveaway

carries a small variety of Eco friendly packaged
body beauty supplies. GREEN and Clean.
From Lip balms (my personal fav), body creams, lotion to go,
shea Butte and Soaps. Their new approach to packaging
is, to say the least, NEW and very Interesting.
They Generously sent me a couple products to sample
and review. I Tried one of their Lip balms, as I am wildly crazy about
lip balms of all sorts and am a very Picky and particular Gal to please
in that catagory, if I do say so myself. Organic Essence had me from
the moment I smelled the package as I was opening it. But, sealed the deal
with the very first application of the lip balm.
My balm was Almond. Absolutely fabulous.
When I unwrapped the package, it was so cold out that it was
solid as a rock. However, I knew this would be the case considering
it was below freezing outside when the mail man delivered the package.
Being the impatient woman that I am, I couldn’t wait to try the lip
balm, however, I soon found out that it ws fate that I HAD to wait.
The tube is designed so that you remove the cap and gently squeeze
on the bottom of the tube to get the “good stuff” to rise a little to
the top. Then apply as you normally would. Well, since it was cold
and hard as a rock, no matter how hard I squeezed. It wasn’t going anywhere.
THAT, is the ONLY downfall I have come accross yet.
Once the Lip balm was at room temp. I proceeded to apply as
directed (by me). Slathered all over my poor dry cracked lips.
This cold and wind has taken a huge tole on my lips.
The Almond lip balm was heaven to my lips. Wasn’t greasy at all
(as I was afraid that it would be), it left my lips feeling very moisturised
and very softened. It aided in the healing and gentle removal of the dead
skin (gross I know). Normally the Dead skin would be painful to remove
even with other “lip care ” products I’ve found this process to be painful.
Not with this stuff. after an hour of having the lip balm on, my lips felt like new
after 2 days of using it only 3 times a day. My lips are fully healed and
very soft. Something I find very hard to accomplish in the winter months
unless I use those nasty menthol / gooey oozy products that NO ONE likes
to have to use.
Anyhow. I am eager to try out their other products as well.
So, Now it brings me to the second part of this FABU Review,
the GIVEAWAY part.
Organic Essence also sent along the Vanilla Orange Organic Shea Cream
Maximum Moisurizing cream. UGH… I wish I could have gotten to try this one out
BUT, I wanted to share with my readers. OR, atleast ONE LUCKY READER.
This is what they says about the She Cream:

Organic Essence Maximum Moisturizing Organic Shea Cream
Need hand and body moisturizing to the max? Made with shea butter,
known to increase the skin’s capillary blood flow, Organic Shea Cream
provides lasting skin softening wherever you need it. Organic Shea Cream
is a powerful all over body moisturizer that doubles as an excellent massage
cream and make-up remover.

Packaged in an eco-responsible biodegradable organic jar. Even the label
is eco-friendly – no need to peel it off. Don’t worry about the adhesive, it’s
organic, too. USDA certified organic is your assurance that questionable
ingredients are not present to potentially harm your skin.

I happen to agree with them.. Although, I didn’t get to try this actual product. I DO want to though. My feet need a good Softening.. As I’m sure your’s do too in this weather. SOOOOO.
DOWN to the Nitty Gritty my friends. Who would like to Win this fabulous Product ?

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We are so very excited to offer our Readers Such a wonderful Prize

Prize : One luck winner

Organic Shea Cream by Organic Essence ” Vanilla Orange ” scented.
Hands and body Maximum Moisturizing.
Come’s in a fabulous Biodegradable paper jar. 4 fl oz. Retails for $24.99
read the ingredients (click to enlarge photo)
What yo need to do TO ENTER:

Rules: Open to US RESIDENTS only, Do NOT enter if you are not a US resident. Must be 18 to enter.

Required ENTRY:)
You must check out —
come back and post which is YOUR favorite product on their site.
AND then come back here and tell me what it is and why you like it.
Be sure to leave your Email address if you are not Logged into Blogger so that I can notify you if you win. BE SPECIFIC on the product and description of WHY you like it, Please do NOT just say ” She cream ” Love shea cream… Or I will delete your entry and none of your other Entries will count either.
PLEASE Read this post / all the Requirements and the RULES in their entirety B4 you
enter. I don’t want to have to weed through a zillion emails asking
“why did my Entries NOT QUALIFY ? “
Thank you.

We will need your mailing address If you should win, BUT only IF you should win, and even then we PROMISE we will NOT every Use your address or any part of it for any other reason than to send you your winnings. We also Promise to NEVER use your Email address for any purpose than to Notify you if you have WON. Thank you. YOU WILL receive Emails from us if you choose to sign up with us through blogger / Google friend connect / Facebook fanpages / Twitter or any othe social network that we use.
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disclosure: I was given for free this product for the purpose of reviewing it. I did not receive monetary compensation and all thoughts and opinions are mine. Quotes were taken directly from the website

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