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Natural Cheese Slices vs. Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product

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imageThere are many differences between Natural Cheese Slices and Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product, sometimes known as American. Comparing the lists below you will notice how they differ in ingredients, how it’s made and nutrition. The following facts are meant to serve as a guide to better understand these differences as you head to the grocery store.

SargentoCHEESESargento Natural Cheese Slices
What’s In It?
Natural Cheese is made with milk, cheese cultures,
enzyme and salt. Annato, a vegetable color, may be
added to give cheese its orange color. Natamycin, is
sometimes added as a natural mold inhibitor.

How It’s Made?
Natural Cheese slices are cut from real block cheese and packaged immediately. They are never melted while being made.

As natural cheese ages, it can continue to develop flavor.

A 21 gram slice of Sargento Medium Cheddar Cheese
Slice has 140 Grams of Sodium

Sargento Medium
Cheddar Cheese

Pasteurized Prepared
Cheese Product
What’s In It?
Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product is often made with milk,
whey, milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, salt,
lactic acid, cheese culture, annatto and paprika (color), enzymes
and Vitamin D3. Sodium citrate and calcium phosphate are
often added as emulsifiers to keep the oil and protein together
so they don’t separate. Sorbic acid is a preservative often added
to prevent the growth of mold.

How It’s Made?
Some Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Products are
typically heated to 180 degrees and cooked into a liquid,
similar to a cheese sauce, before being formed into a slice.
The slices are then often individually wrapped into
plastic packaging.

Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product typically
maintains its flavor throughout its life.

A 21 gram slice of Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product
typically has 220 Grams or more of Sodium

On the left: Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product – Right: Sargento Natural Cheese


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