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Martha McCully is a lifestyle expert covering the worlds of beauty, home, style and health. Her past experience as a celebrity judge on “Design Star” and executive editor at InStyle and contributor to Allure, Elle Décor and The Huffington Post provide her with a smart take on today’s trends.

Based on her extensive experience in the lifestyle realm, Martha has created five tips to demonstrate the importance of taking a lunch break to savor the flavors of life.

 Take a Real Lunch. Improve your state of mind. Really.

Step away from Facebook; Put down the Blackberry. According to a recent study by Right Management, one-third of us eat lunch at our desks; another third skip lunch all together. We feel compelled to stay at our computer – even if we work at home. This isn’t good for our performance or productivity, never mind our brains or bodies.Here are some tips to take a real lunch and help reboot, each and every day.

SargentoCHEESEGet back to nature, literally. There’s no easier way to commit to lunch than by actually removing yourself from your work. Put an end to staring longingly out the window and actually take a step outside for real interaction with nature. Bring your meal to a local park or visit a fruit stand in the area for some face-to-face time with fresh air.

Eat real food. Your body and brain need nutrition. Buy fresh ingredients at the Farmer’s Market or local grocery to customize your sandwich every day. Upgrade to juicy heirloom tomatoes, crisp romaine lettuce, real Sargento Natural Sliced Cheese, and freshly baked whole grain bread. Swapping out bland options for real foods in your mid-day meal is a great way to savor the flavors of a life well-lived.

 Exercise your options. Yes, we‚Äôve all heard you should join a gym and work out at lunch. But how realistic is this? Not very. However, your office or gym may offer half-hour yoga or stretch classes. Stop day dreaming about a better-for-you lunch hour and do it! Take a real opportunity to get the blood flowing and recharge for the day ahead.

Have a real conversation. Use your lunch hour to get your mind off of work – and onto a friend. It’s the little things in life worth celebrating, and what better way to celebrate than over food? Opt for authentic conversation with a friend instead of an email
exchange and break up the day with great company.

Experience real creativity. No matter how you swing it, a scrolling screensaver is not art. Visit a true art exhibit or start on your summer reading list for a great escape from the day. Experiencing real creativity is important to stimulate your mind and apply valuable outsider insight to your everyday work!


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