Making my own Coconut & Almond milk | Easy recipe

nutmilk        Hello my friends.. Well, Have you ever wanted to make your own Nut milk. I know it sounds strange, but it is SOOOO expensive at the store and I have to tell you that this process is super easy Not only will you end up with your own delicious milk with NO additives or Preservatives (because you made it that way), but with nuts, you end up with a nicely “nearly” pureed nut that works perfectly being added in a nice sweet bread.  Nothing gets thrown away…

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RECIPE | HOW TO   Make it yourself

First of all, I highly recommend you make sure you have bought Raw, no seasoning added, roasted is ok but not recommended NUTS. (if your making Coconut milk make sure it is raw, shaved, unrefined, unsweetened).

I also recommend you have proper products to strain the nut mixture or coconut mixture to optimize the purity of your nut (coconut) milk.    You can use Cheese cloth double up, but my favorite is Zimtal nut bags… They are SUPER fine in straining the milk out without residue getting into the milk.

If you want your milk sweet, I recommend adding a stevia liquid or powder that is organic and totally Natural (no additives ect.).

What you need:

Nuts / shredded raw Coconut. (almonds are traditional for NUTS. However, you can basically use any nut to see what your results give you..)

Filtered or bottled water (if you have a water filter, use it.. you don’t want a bunch of iron or chemicals going through your nuts. )

Flavorings if you so require it..  Vanilla is traditional.. I recommend after making this with the Vanilla, then you should try (in a small amount at a time, like 1/2 cup) Get wild here if you like.  Ever wonder what watermelon flavored milk would taste like.. Now’s your chance.

Vanilla Almond Milk (yields 2-3 cups or so)

  • 1 cup almonds, soaked 8-12 hours beforehand if it’s possible
  • 4 cups water
  • 6 dates or 1/4 cup agave
  • 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract (or the contents of a vanilla bean)


Begin by roughly chopping your nuts, then soaking your nuts in some bottled water, if you can. Eight hours or so in the fridge is ideal, but an hour is fine if that’s all you have time for. the more they soak the easier and better the milk will be.

Next, drain / strain & rinse off your nuts / coconut but you do NOT have to do this. I actually do NOT.. I use the water they have soaked in.

Add the nuts (shredded coconut) and the other ingredients (water, dates, vanilla) to a regular blender, a chopper / food processor will work just fine as well.. Blend them on high speed until they look like they are all pureed.

NOW. if you don’t mind the thickness and the pulp, you can drink / eat it as it is..  I don’t unless I am making Ice cream (oh yeah baby) or using it in a recipe that calls for milk..

To strain the nut / coconut milk paste, you’ll need a large container (large enough to hold the entire amount of liquid), and some cheesecloth. Or if you plan to make nut milk on a regular basis, go ahead and invest in a great nut bag.. You can read about the one that I use below.

To use, simply place the the nut milk bag or cheesecloth over the mouth of your container, leaving a generous overhang and allowing the strainer to droop about halfway down into the container.

To fasten the bag/cheesecloth in place, use a rubber band around the mouth of the container.

Next, pour all the almond milk into the container, so that it drips through the cheesecloth and into the container.

Let it sit for around an hour or so to drain on it’s own. Cover with some plastic wrap so as to not get flies ect in the mixture. Within  an hour or two, all of the liquid will have been strained, and you’ll be left with almond pulp, like so:

Besides drinking it for a fabulously nutritious drink and addition to your diet. NUT milk is fabulous as a replacement in your recipes. Any time a recipe calls for MILK, replace with your Nut milk / coconut milk.. You will be pleasantly surprised at how well it makes cakes and cupcakes super tasty.

What’s left? the mashed up nuts.. Guess what? You now have your own “nut” butter. Home made, ready to eat.  put it back into the blender to “puree” it some more if need be.Put a drop or two of sweetener on it and spread it on some bread or crackers and munch away.

Other Fabulous Recipe IDEA’S:

  1. Make some raw nut cookies or add to brownies, cake or cupcakes for a super duper yummy result.  
  2. Add some chocolate / or coffee for a delicious late.
  3. Freeze it (the milk and the nuts spread) add it to your blender real quick and have some nice fresh, raw delicious ICE CREAM..  Kick IT up a notch by blending up some FROZEN fruit such as Banana, strawberry, peach or blueberry for some super food – Good for you- ice cream.


The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination

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  1. I’m so lazy when it comes to this, but I found my straining cloth finally. I’ll have to give this a try. I really want to make Cashew Milk.

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