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It’s worth What? @ Valuemystuff.com ( Product Review – AD)

Posted on | March 25, 2013 | No Comments

valuemystuffEver found something at a yard sale or picked up at an Estate sale that may have LOOKED like it might be old and worth something? Maybe you found something at an antique store, or you have something grama gave you or aunt Margarett left you in her will that you’ve been dying to know how much it’s worth or if it’s even worth anything at all?

Value My Stuff Give’s you Expert Valuations within 48 hours from just £5.99 (just around $7 U.S.) for 1 credit.

They have built up unrivaled knowledge and expertise to provide an easy to use online valuation service art and antique.  Items are valued online, whether these are Paintings, Prints, Sculpture, Ceramics, Furniture, Memorabilia, Silver, Toys & Dolls , or any other antiques.

  • All our specialists have worked for Sotheby’s or Christie’s. Over 100,000 valuations done so far!
  • As we don’t buy items, our antiques valuations are totally unbiased. Over 53,000 customers so far!
  • Use our services before selling an item, buying an antique or just out of sheer curiosity

*  Value My Stuff’s Valuation: I sent them a few Very High quality photo’s of a Copper pot that we had (from early 1700’s – English) and they verified it for us and gave us the value at around $400 – 500..  Spot on to what we were thinking by the research we have done on our own for this object.  *

Which we feel the value of it in $$  would have been much MUCH more if the economy would have been better (say maybe as it was about 7 years ago, this amount may have been quite larger. — This is our opinion not Valuemystuff.com’s) Maybe..  The pot would be worth thousands if it had been made in American rather than in England also…

All in all, the site is great, they were quick, did an accurate evaluation, the cost is great. Definitely a great investment to find out what your items might be worth before you go posting them on ebay and losing your “shirt” on selling something for pennies that might be worth a fortune, or saving yourself from getting sued over saying it’s an antique when it may turn out to be a “copy”..  Their approach is completely independent and unbiased..  So, I say, go check em out and give them a try.. It’s definitely a great deal..


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I am a Purex Insider and was given free sample of valuations @ Value my stuff.com for the purpose of reviewing the productI did not receive monetary compensation unless otherwise stated and my Opinion stated above is 100% mine…This is hereby stated to be an Ad

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