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It gets worse before it gets better.

Posted on | March 25, 2013 | No Comments

       Have you ever wondered why people tell you that?  Maybe because it’s true.. You hear the sayings all the time, and it seems that they appear to come true.. Such as “they come in three’s”… Which is one that my family seems to say a lot.

Good or bad, things that happen typically come in three’s.. AND, when the bad hits, before you see relief or “good” times, it seems it will always get “worse” before it gets better..

That seems to be where I am right now..  With me it seemingly started when my marriage started to fall apart (but it truly started when the economy started to fall apart – that is what started my marriage to fall apart – pay cuts / financial trouble ect ect).

That would be about 10 years ago if I were truly honest with myself..  It had slowly gotten worse since then, Oh, don’t get me wrong there has been some fabulous and grand – wonderful moments since that whole awesome time started.. Such as the decision to have my daughter before my marriage completely fell apart.   Then I met my True love after my marriage fell apart, even though our living situation is something out of a nightmare right now. He can’t get work, I’m on verge of losing my SSI and was just notified I lost my medical coverage so I no longer can afford to get the meds I need for my chronic migraines. Plus my Food stamps have been cut in half. So basically we have no money coming in, no insurance, I will be back to being bed ridden nearly 6 days a week again and we will be eating JUNK again  because that is all we will be able to afford (since that is what is cheap, not the healthy foods).  THAT, sounds like 60% of all other Americans out there right now, I know.. I am not complaining per say, not about that.. I am very worried about the health insurance thing though. I can’t live without my meds.. THAT is not an option..  Without meds I am incapacitated and can not function, I get 3 or 4 days a MONTH that are GOOD days with NO headaches.

So, when they cut everything, I will probably lose my Internet (and that means no blog.) So I will enjoy it while it lasts too.. I am hoping to get to keep it.. We shall see..

OUR home (If you want to call it that) will not last another winter. This piece of garbage was only meant to be a travel trailer in the 60’s.. NOT to be home for the 25 years.. This thing leaks, doesn’t hold in heat and is a dust and mold magnet.

My Car has a severe oil leak that I still can not figure out where it’s at.. and as you have read, I can not afford to take it anywhere to “have it fixed”.. (also still have 2 flats) It’s a Saab (my lovely ex husbands wonderful Idea of a Safe, cheap on gas car) NOT cheap to fix, especially since SAAB went out of business and you can NOT find parts for it anymore and GARAGES charge 10x more to fix it, IF THEY CAN FIX IT. SOOOOO, we are looking into trying to sell it “AS IS” just to get a little money out of it, to buy something that my Fiancé CAN work on himself.. Like a ford or something else cheap and easy on gas.

No to mention, my poor Love of my life, his father is terminally ill, dying of cancer and has been slowly getting worse. We’ve watched him waste away over the last 10 months. This last month he has pushed his family away and refuse to see them. He won’t allow his Son’s to see him (all grown men with children, except for my Fiancé, he has no children of his own) he refuses to see his grandchildren to say goodbye or anything. He will see his friends though, but refused to see his family. My Fiancé and his brothers are Furious that their father will have nothing to do with them and their children, but will see his friends and THEIR families. We are expecting him to not last through next month.

If tales run true though.. “ It gets worse before it get’s better”.  Then truly we are due for it to get better.  PS: by my count the above comes to more than three… You know, the saying of how good or bad usually comes in three’s.. lol…  I believe mine came in  more than THREE.


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