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Blesssings-For-Xander (1)     Being a writer myself and having written a bit of poetry in my day, I love all forms of poetry for adults and children alike. SO when I get a chance to read a children’s book I jump at the chance especially one like this one that has a focus on a theme of poetry for a child.

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**I received free sample of ‘Blessings for You’ to read and Review – then write about it on my blog, In exchange I get to keep the product… **

Blesssings-For-Xander (4)Today I am reviewing a Personalized Children’s Book made by Flattenme. The book is called ‘Blessings for You’ and is non denominational poetry for children.

Personalized books can be a fabulous gift item that can be a lasting memory / keepsake for a child into adulthood. I remember books that I received as a child that unfortunately I no longer have now, that I held onto into my teens. They had a lot of sentimental value to me. My Mickey mouse books. They were not Personalized in this sense, but I had a sticker inside the front cover that said “this book belongs to” and it made me so proud of it..

Because of those books I had, is why I have created personalized books for each of my children while they are young, for them to grow up having them read to, and letting them read them to me. So that some day I know they will tell me, or their own children stories of how that book meant so much to them..

This specific book has a story to tell our little Xander, of how he is loved and how to boost his self esteem. It’s a fabulous tool to carry him through the next few pivotal years of his life. The graphics are fabulous as you see, they are images that will stand in his mind forever. Image he will not easily forget. Images that will bring happy thoughts in head, thoughts of joy and love.

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