I had an Ice ball at negative 100 Degree’s Celsius in my Uterus

NO LIE.. Seriously, I really did…. HOW?  Why ?  you ask? Endometrial Oblation is what they called the procedure..… It’s invasive, it’s painful, I should have had it years ago, in itself it was quick, about 15 minutes, but afterward it’s messy and I sure hope it was worth it because I’m on bed rest now for a very long time, or at least from my point of view at this time it seems to be pointing that direction ….

BEFORE I GO ON:  Skip on down to watch the video = BE AWARE -  this post is NOT suitable for the fait of heart and should not be viewed with CHILDREN in the room unless they are at least of the age to learn about the Birds and the Bee’s..

YES, I said it.. I had an ice ball, that was negative 100 degree’s Celsius (see video) in my Uterus…  And baby, I did it on purpose and I feel like DOG CRAP now.. Probably look that good too… Why you ask??? Well, that is what I’m hoping to explain.. Do you have the time? NOT, don’t tell me what the time is.. Just take 10 minutes or so to read my story.. That’s all I ask.. Then, if you will.. Leave me a comment.. YES, it’s a real Personal story and you will know WAY more about me than you probably care to…. So.. If you wish to turn back, then NOW is a good time.. TRUST ME… It’s ONE of THOSE things that you don’t want to go on if you don’t’ have the stomach for because you can’t UN KNOW this….

Okay then.. ON WE GO…

MANY women (shouldn’t I just say 99% of the female race that have bore a child) go through changes in their bodies and we all have “side effects” to deal with.. some things are minor such as weight gain.. YES ladies I called the weight gain “ MINOR “…  When compared to the horrendousness of the other side effects the other women go through I think you would agree.. Like for example, what I’m about to tell you..

My Story:

I’ve always had rough menstrual cycles to begin with (speaking of pain, cramping that made me grip towel bar in the bathroom and pull so hard that I thought I was going to tear it off the wall and scream… and 7 days of HELLATIOUSLY heavy bleeding) from the age of 16 on, but alas,  I never let it stop me from my dream of having children (first one at 21)..

Oh Yes,  the Drs. told me that because of the Scoliosis I only had a 50% chance of getting pregnant, some lame excuse of the Uterus being angled wrong or tilted blah blah blah, to begin with (had 3 kids to prove them wrong) and that if I DID get pregnant I would have to have a C-section (had all 3 vaginally, 1st one was Drug free and all natural) and it would be so painful that I would not be able to handle it..  WELL, the had the pain right except that they had no idea of how STRONG of a woman I am and how much PAIN I can handle..  I have a HIGH pain tolerance, the Scoliosis forced me to have a VERY High pain tolerance.. I deal with an immense amount of pain each day along with the daily migraines that no medication has yet to kill the pain. YET, I still manage my daily life.. There is still only 3 days a week that I let it “take over” my life and get me down..


EXTREME HEAVY I MEAN: *changing every half hour with Heaviest absorbency pad I could find & SUPER absorbency tampon both together being soaked through.. 

When I say Super Heavy I mean:*changing every hour with Heaviest absorbency pad I could find & SUPER absorbency tampon both together being soaked through..

When I say MEDIUM, I mean a regular Tampon OR a Regular pad every Hour PS… I NOW like INFINITY brand..

And of course Spotting is light – using a liner

But from age 16 went from 7 days of  heavy bleeding, leaving me weak and light headed, I would have PMS about 3 days before my period but it wasn’t too bad, it would just make me a little grouchy.. But I couldn’t even function at school during my cycle, I was in the bathroom most of the time. My mom wouldn’t let me use Tampons yet.. lol  She was worried it would make me lose m virginity.. And honestly, I didn’t care for the thought of a tampon anyway… (1st day spotting, 2nd day medium flow, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, SUPER HEAVY 7th Medium, 8th spotting -  strict 28 days apart give or take 1 – 3 days)…

After my 1st child at 21..MY cycle then Dropped down to 5 days… (1st day spot, 2nd day medium 3rd day super heavy 4th day medium, 5th day spot – strict 28 days apart give or take 1 – 3 days) Not too bad, but still, the pain and cramping was horrible.

2nd child, at age 25, the cycle still (1st day spot, 2nd day medium 3rd day super heavy 4th day medium, 5th day spot – strict 28 days apart give or take 1 – 3 days), but since now I had trouble with Pre cancerous tissue showing up on my cervix (had to have a procedure – an ablation and had to have it removed while I was pregnant).. During my 8th month..  I had several difficulties during the pregnancy itself..  And my child was born with a rather lazy slow heart rate and was on monitors…  Something was going on with my system at that time, changes going on that messed with me…  It seems that it makes sense now.. I began having more serious headaches and the migraines began to come more often, I started getting heavy cramping and severe back pain (lower back) that would last through out my cycle as well, it would start 10 days before my period.

After 3rd child, me at age 32 (knowing this was my last child, because I wanted to not be in a walker myself to watch my last child graduate high school. lol )  My cycles went from 5 days to 3 or 4 days in total..about 10 days before my cycle would start though, I would get PMS signs.. Migraines that would last 3 days.. Put me in bed where I was * LIGHT – SOUND – SMELL – TOUCH* sensitive.. COULDN’T have anyone near me, no sounds nothing.. It was horrible. No foods that had any odors of any kind…  That’s how I would know my cycle was coming..  It was the ONLY way I knew.. since it was now so unpredictable..  The  Morning of 1st day would be this odd spotting – brown in color then middle of the night about 1 – 2 am FULL BLOWN-EXTREME HEAVY BLEEDING with severe migraine and severe back pain. PUT me in a ball curled up in bed crying PAIN…. this would last for 20 hours then  last day would be next morning about 1 – 2 am back to the spotting brownish stuff.. sometimes the cycle would last one extra day and give me a medium flow day after the extreme heavy day, but not very often.  MY cycles were anywhere from 18 – 28 days apart, I never knew but I never went a month without one, sometimes I would have 2 in one month

WHICH, brings me to the reason for this post…. Why I had an Ice ball at negative 100 Degree’s Celsius in my Uterus ??? What is Endometrial Oblation??   Because of the Excessive bleeding problem.. It has now gotten worse, the headaches are worse and I just can’t take it any more.. Now that I have insurance through Disability. I figured it was time I sought out some help. This was my first step in getting that help..

  I am 3 days after the procedure, feeling real crappy, having bad cramps and not seeing that its done any good, but from what I’ve read from others, I need to give it at the least, 3 weeks before I make an assessment.. So, I hope to get back in here and make an update soon…

NEXT STEP: if this doesn’t work that is,  Partial Hysterectomy.. They will leave in the Ovaries and tubes but take out the Uterus

I had an invasive procedure that takes the lining of the uterus out by freezing (or burning) it out… My Dr chose to freeze it out in office (Burning requires a Hospital visit).

MORE INFO: Endometrial ablation is a medical procedure that is used to remove (ablate) or destroy the endometrial lining of a uterus. This technique is most often employed for people who suffer from excessive or prolonged bleeding during their menstrual cycle but cannot or do not wish to undergo a hysterectomy. The procedure is most commonly done on an outpatient basis. Placenta accreta may occur if the patient becomes pregnant after endometrial ablation, so birth control is recommended. However, heavy menstrual bleeding is most commonly due to dysfunctional uterine bleeding or adenomyosis. If patient does not want hysterectomy or Endometrial ablation another modality with norethisterone can be given.

Menstrual disorders are a leading cause of decrease in quality of life for women. For many women, the complications with excessive bleeding is typically of greatest concern and often leads to unwanted hysterectomies and loss of child bearing. If you are a young woman who is living with menstrual complications and excessive bleeding, you may find that your doctor has recommended uterine ablation as a viable alternative to hysterectomy ‘" partial or total.

Want to see what they did to me???  Don’t worry I didn’t have it video taped.. That would just be SICK ! ! !.. NO.. they made a Cartoon to show for education purposes, to EDUCATE folks on what the procedure does, to help us ladies make an educated decision.

Beware this video is NOT for the weak

This has been an

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