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Hicural: The new Shape of Hiccup Relief

Posted on | June 26, 2012 | No Comments

Hicural Hiccup relief Wouldn’t it be great to finally have a cure for Hiccups? I mean, have you seen those poor people that suffer from hiccups and have had them for years, I get hiccups and have em for 2 minutes and feel like I’m dying, I can’t imagine what they must be going through. Well, I hope I have something that will save us all, even for those poor hiccup people out there.


Safe and simple to use for adults and Children (it says on the packaging) Convenient carrying case

small enough to fit in your pocket or purse and Only costs $7.99

You can find them online at CVS.com, drugstore.com or see if you have a local store that carries them. See more about them at the online store at www.Hicural.com

Hicural Hiccup relief Yes, I agree with those statements, accept the first one. It is definitely safe, but simple? Not for everyone. [June 25th, 2012]I had a heck of a time, while having the hiccups the first time of use, getting the darn thing out of the packaging (as seen in the photo above). I wish I had given the video camera to my boyfriend to video tape me as I was struggling with the box to get it open, then struggling with the plastic container to get it open, reading the instructions and fiddling with the “contraption” in my mouth all the while hiccupping and sounding horrendously loud (as most women in my family do) and making my boyfriend laugh at me. As I was gaining in anger that I was not achieving my “loss” of Cryinghiccups quick enough..

Hicural Hiccup relief

So, I calmed myself and read the directions, finding out how to use the thing properly. Still hiccupping as profoundly as I was before, I placed the object in my mouth as it stated to, Which I might add is NOT easy to do (holding this in your mouth and drinking out of a glass is NOT easy), I sipped on my water as it said to and within seconds my hiccups ended.. Boy was I a happy camper Open-mouthedthough I do Hate it when I get the hiccups…

NOW.. as the All-so-deep Skeptic that I am. I am not sure that if it was because of the ITEM that my hiccups ended, if it was just because I was so focused on trying to hold the Hicural in my mouth “just so” and drink the water since you have to do it perfect or it won’t work…

so, I will not be ending my post / or this test with JUST this ONE trial. I will be waiting until I or another family member or two have had a chance to test the Hicural out for themselves as well and Oh Yes, I will be trying it out again myself because I seem to get the Hiccups quite often for some reason. Not sure why.

In Pause:  I have to say, if this works, and it stands to reason that it could work for most people at least 50% of the time, and for those that truly believe, it should work just fine either way. It’s all a matter of the mind. Just my opinion of course (which is why this is a Review of “my opinion”) but If you believe in something than it will eventually come true..

The instructions state, best used if drinking water from a glass or cup. Not recommended used with sport bottles or water bottles.   The Hiccup stick IS re-usable, but wash with warm water and soap after each use, do not share with others and each person should have their own Hicural. Please replace after a year.

PLUS: they have a great Money back Guarantee: If you aren’t completely satisfied with our product, simply return it and we will give you a full refund.

My 2nd Hiccup adventure: [June 26th 2012]

twice today, within 2 hours I had the hiccups, both times I swiftly grabbed my Hicural device from my purse, fought with the plastic container (I highly recommend you find a container that is more easily accessible), and I used as directed and twice more, the contraption worked as stated. My hiccups disappeared within seconds. I am impressed. However, I found out these two times that I have a very high sensitivity in my front teeth in the right side of my mouth to cold water. How did I not know this? because I have been drinking with a straw (with cold drinks) for over 10 plus years now, with the Hicural you are not to drink with a straw, I had very cold water this time around and it was very painful for me…   I have learned a lesson here. 1: do not go years drinking with a straw, and 2:be aware of what temp your teeth can handle before drinking a mouth full of any temp of water, you may end up regretting it later on down the road.

In conclusion (for myself testing that is) the Hicural works for me..  I still plan to do testing on my daughter (she’s 10) so stay tuned for updates on her tests that I will add later on.


You have to go check out the Hicural being used on these video (like the one below here) Check out more here at Hicural on YouTube

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