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Gourmet Protein Bars by Pure Fitness Nutrition

ProteinBars (1)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Living with a used-to-be Vegan turned Vegetarian (thanks to me and my Meat eating ways), I am constantly in search of nutrient rich foods, and vitamin enriched foods for my Fianc√© and my daughter for that matter (as she is one of the pickiest eaters I have ever seen / raised of the 3 kids I have). SO,¬† I was super excited when I was contacted about Pure Fitness Nutrition’s, Gourmet Protein bars I was Very excited for them to send me samples to try out so I could let you know what I thought of it‚Ķ

GourmetProteinBarsEach 3.7 oz bar is jam packed full of 25 grams of pure isolate protein, all natural ingredients, and NO Trans Fat.. The three I received as you can see in the images, are in some awesome flavors (see below).. Other ingredients you might find, Raw oats, chia seeds, what pretzel, agave nectar, sea salt.. I had to ask my honey to let me try them out.. They looked so good I couldn’t resist trying them out for myself too..

I like good healthy foods myself, I try to keep my own diet just as healthy, I just like to add meat to mine for protein as well. I’m severely anemic there fore I can not afford to go without meat at this time in my life..

Anyway, I love trying out new companies for my daughters sake as well. She‚Äôs such a picky eater (at age 11 now) and has always been..¬† She has a touch of OCD, and¬† hasn‚Äôt been diagnosed yet (we haven’t had insurance and can‚Äôt get her to a dr to be tested, but she acts as though she has behavioral issues pertaining to a lack in social skills.. NOT for the lack of my trying, trust me) Living with her has been exhausting with her issues..¬† She can‚Äôt handle having her hands wet, at night she has to have specific routines and if we deviate at ALL, let‚Äôs just say we pay for it‚Ķ¬† anyway. on with the review‚Ķ¬† FOOD, my daughter has ‚Äú Issues ‚Äú with food and textures.. So you can imagine my search for foods that she CAN eat, is never ending..

The Three flavors we got to try out are:  Peanut Butter Jelly Crunch, Dark Chocolate Cranberry, Banana Chocolate Nut

My daughter would have loved the Banana crunch if it weren’t for the nuts.. She has a ‘ thing ‘ about nuts… Although she is slowly growing out of that one… She just this year started eating peanut butter.. She refuses to mix it with Jelly though.. She will eat Jelly sandwiches, just not with Peanut butter mixed with it..  She doesn’t like mixing the textures together.  She tends to eat just ONE thing at a time..

My Fiancé however, loved all three and I liked the Banana and the PBJ Crunch.. I’m not so hip on Dark chocolate…

So there you have it..






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