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Exploring Interests Through Education

Posted on | June 21, 2013 | No Comments

Very few people today would disagree with the statement that education is essential to career development. In order to compete, the job seeker must prove they have the skills that the employer demands. Part of that proof is a college degree in their field of choice. In junior high school, students are strongly encouraged to begin planning for college and career because of the stiff competition for those jobs. In order to acquire those high-paying jobs, the student must work hard to excel in their academic career. The same is true for the career active duty military service member.

For the Fun of It
It is vital to get a degree in a chosen career path (here are degrees you might consider). In the race for a degree, do not lose sight of the fact that education is about learning. It is curiosity about something that provides the most satisfaction in learning. It is beneficial to explore subjects simply because they interest the student. While these studies may not result in a degree, they will create a more rounded educational approach. Taking an occasional course of study because it is fun for the student is a valuable use of time.

The Lifelong Student
With the quality and acceptance found in online college programs, the lifelong student can easily access educational opportunities from anywhere. The student may be pursuing a degree program in health information and is also a home repair do-it-yourselfer. This health information student may be curious about electrical systems. With online education, this curiosity can be satisfied through online studies for an electrical mechanic’s diploma. A student pursuing a degree program in criminal justice may also have an interest in computer networks. A student can work towards a cosmetology certificate and learn medical insurance coding.

Exploring interests
The career active duty military student can take advantage of the same online opportunities to explore things that interest them. With larger numbers of colleges offering military friendly online studies, being able to serve does not prohibit being able to learn. There are a number of scholarships for active duty personnel and other military tuition assistance available for the career service member. Educational counselors are available to help the career military student find financing and locate military friendly colleges. Utilizing these provided benefits, the career active duty military student can explore their interests through education.


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