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Conscious Box on Earth Day–my surprise for myself

consciousbox     I was super excited when I got my eXtra Conscious Box that I ordered, it was packed full with samples of special Earth Day products …

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait until I got back to the house. So as I sat in the drivers seat waiting for the school bus to arrive (to drop off my daughter). I dug right in and started looking at my goodies…

Here is what I found…

cuppow     First thing, at the top of the box was this super amazing product that I thought for sure my Fianc√© would think was the the butter to bread.. The Cuppow.. A little lid you can add to a canning jar to turn it into a Sippy cup / or at least a drinkable cup you can take in a car or as you go anywhere.. NOT just for kids you know.. I love drinking out of cups like that.. What an innovative idea.. Now that is what I call Recycle, reduce and Reuse at it‚Äôs best‚Ķ LOVE IT‚Ķ.  The Cuppow is made in the USA, it‚Äôs BPA free, you can use a straw with it (so it is NOT just for the kiddies) fits all Regular Mason Jars and turns them into a travel mug.. How awesome is that‚Ķ   SOOO AWESOME.. especially for me since I am a Travel Mug Hoarder. lol.

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I was freaking out (in a good way) when I saw a new product from one of my OLD favorites… The Hail Merry brand, Macaroons in Dark Chocolate.. OH SO YUMMY.. First thing to get gobbled up and they were yummy beyond yummy.. If you have never tried them, DO SO NOW.. They are the best ever…

Peeled Brand, Apple clusters in Berry flavor.. another super YUMMY snack.

Keen-Wah bar, dark chocolate berry bar: Fiancé ate that one, he said he loved it… So again.. fabulous home run…

So far, from what I’m seeing, it is so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o worth the extra bucks to get the extra box… Loving these companies.

Teeccino MAYA  Chocolate Organic Coffee: Have not gotten a chance to try it yet. Will update this as soon as I do.. Sounds wonderful..  Crossing fingers and hoping it is great, we shall see..

Another FAVE of mine; Sahale snacks, ALMONDS.. SUPER YUM.. these were gone in 2.3 seconds.. Try them and you will see why‚Ķ.  OH YEAH BABY..

Crum Creek certified organic Soy Nut Mix; Haven’t tried yet but will let you know as soon as I do‚Ķ Promise.

Pamela‚Äôs Products:  Chocolate Brownie Mix, I plan to make these this weekend. I will take a pic and show you how they turn out here‚Ķ. they are Wheat-free and Gluten-free.. It says ‚Äúmicrowavable brownies in minutes‚Äù Fast easy and delicious.  I‚Äôm not so HIP on the Microwavable idea‚Ķ  Never have cared too much about those things‚Ķ. anyway.. we shall see‚Ķ

Rock in Green Laundry Detergent in Classic Rock (also comes in Soft Rock and Hard Rock)  Featuring: Bare Naked Babies..  LMAO.. Love the creativity in this laundry detergent packaging and labeling.. If it works as good as it‚Äôs label creators imagination than I am sold‚Ķ  It is HE safe, this tiny little sample 2 oz package boasts to do 2-4 loads.. it is Dye free, naturally scented, biodegradable, no fillers, no enzymes, no optical brighteners, 100% phosphate free and made in the USA.   On the back it also boasts to clean your machine and clothing of build up minerals simply by soaking the clothing in this detergent and water solution for up to 60 minutes before allowing machine to continue wash cycle. (repeat if necessary) or soak overnight if items have excessive build up.

Lots of coupons from several other companies that I would love to try products from, and some that I have already tried and love‚Ķ  Such as Naturallyitsclean.com, Episencial, and HappySqueeze

This has been an

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samples of the Conscious box.com container from different Earth friendly companies (that I purchased myself) mentioned here are for the purpose of reviewing the product.. I did not receive monetary compensation unless otherwise stated and my Opinion stated above is 100% mine…

Certain Quotes that are (or may have been) taken directly from the website are stated as such when possible or provided by the company themselves, with permission to use by the company mentioned herein.

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