Clothing & Accessories: Green Valentine’s Day Gifts for HIM

Green Organic Clothing for Men:

While finding items to buy for a man is hard enough, try putting a Green / eco friendly, organic or Fair trade TWIST on the shopping list. Your choices are minimal at best.  So, I have done some research for you. Here I have listed a few items and places you can buy them at. Good luck in your Hunt.

It’s been my experience that men like thing attached to sports, if your man isn’t a sporty kinda guy, Like Mine hates sports, then you can go on a more personal note like wallets and tie’s, or maybe you go for more of a not so personal touch with a mug or a Master Grilling set. Either way. You can find these items and more below.

First I want to introduce you to  a fabulous online store that has a section just for the Activist Man, where you can get a number of gifts, from a sustainable watch, a grow your own mushroom kit, Shoe’s, Recycled LP Record Bowls, Wooden Gadget accessories a Hand Powered Eco Portable Espresso Maker (as shown here) and many more gifts..

Pristine Planet : Eco Friendly Men’s Clothing line

Connecting green shoppers and merchants since 2004.  A Store of several merchants stores featuring their own line of Men’s Eco wear. You can sign up for free to get a listing of coupons, sales and specials also. Products such as hoodies, jackets, tee’s, pants, shorts, and underwear. Our pick: Autonomie Project Men’s Organic “Fair Trade” T-Shirt for $26 Produced in conjunction with Hae Now, an organic, animal-friendly and fair trade manufacturer


The Natural Clothing Company 

Hemp Long Sleeve Tee - menlisting many items to choose from, Organic Tee’s, Sweaters, Pants & Shorts and undergarments as well. They also carry women’s Organic clothing. Our favorite is the HEMP Long sleeve tee for men. it’s a comfortable, soft and absorbent tee that comes in earthy colors. Frog blue, stone or Wine.


Element Eco Wear,

all of their organic clothes have unique properties that are great for both the customers and the planet. The bamboo and soy apparel is ultra-soft, and as durable as standard cotton. Each product sold has significant environmental benefits over more common fabrics such as conventionally grown cotton. Read more HERE.

Men’s Tie’s, Scarves & Acc’s ect..

Grey_Silk_Tie Global Goods Partners: carry a Fair Trade silk Tie for $32

Fair Indigo: carries a few items such as scarves’ for men, a nice Cotton dress shirt and a t-shirt.

Another Great place to find some Fair Trade or organic clothing for men is at World of an Ebay Company.


Good Gifts Naturally:

a Fair Trade Recycled Plastic Men’s Bi-fold Wallet for $16

See photo above at beginning of Post: Made from the results of recycling plastic carrier bags in to supple plastic sheets with the characteristics of leather, this bi-fold wallet is both functional and durable. One large slot, 8 slots for cards, and 2 pockets for receipts behind the card slots. When open the wallet measures 9 inches wide by 3.5 inches high.

Also for him, Men’s Eco-Friendly Shaving Kit for $40,

or the Master Griller Organic Gift set for $125

Or check out a few of their other gift items for HER too.

And then their is:

Mantra Knee Hi Socks for him at Natural Clothing Company. just $9 a pair in natural colors.

Soaps and Body Wash

Hand Made Soaps for Men

Called Dr Bronners Magic “all in one”. Classic Liquid soaps, soap bars and more. Unlike any you’ve ever used. A combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils together with pure essential oils, creates a unique soap that cleans effectively without being aggressive and produces a velvety-lather that leaves the skin silky smooth and refreshed.

Tom’s Of Maine (carried in most retail / grocery stores) Natural Beauty bar and Moisturizing Body wash.

Vermont Soap Organics, where you can find a multitude of products for men and women. Search the product line to find the scent (or unscented) product that is perfect for your man.


Other Kitchenware and such

Chemex Glass Manual Coffeemaker for $33 found at Amazon

 CNXYMD964JPPKZSRVQ7T_L The hourglass shaped flask of this 1-3 cup coffee maker is made entirely of glass, a chemically inert material that does not absorb odors or chemical residues. The Chemex has no moving parts and will work forever, (unless it’s dropped or demolished somehow!)It includes an external polished wood collar with leather tie. Chemex filters are made of the highest quality filter paper. The down side, if your like my Fiancé, you want WAY more than 3 cups of coffee, a good point would be that NOW he can finally cut down because he has no choice


This has been an A Mom’s Rantings GREEN Post 

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Disclosure: I was contacted by and / or given for free product(‘s) by this Products / company for the purpose of reviewing a product / or providing a product giveaway. Any opinion given by me is my honest opinion and not an opinion otherwise swayed in any way by this company, I did not receive monetary compensation and all thoughts and opinions are mine. Quotes were taken directly from the website when possible or provided by the company themselves.

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  1. If that is a picture of a recycled denim men’s wallet at the top of this post – I think that is so cool. I would want one of those for myself.

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