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Celebrate Earth Day with Me

07-08 Plant a Tree     What are you doing to celebrate Earth day?  Even if you haven‚Äôt even thought about it. There are many small things you can do that will make an impact as well as the larger things.. You don‚Äôt have to go without electricity or walk to work and give up your car to be eco conscious..

It‚Äôs always a great start to begin with the 3 R‚Äôs..  Reduce, Re-use and Recycle..  Try out one of these three or all three if your feeling spunky. In no time it will feel like second nature.

Reduce (reduce your carbon foot print)

Tree (2)by Switching your current light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs.. This will save on your energy bill.  Other ways to reduce your electric bill, nudge your thermostat a few degrees down (to be cooler) in the winter and up a few in the summer (to be warmer) saves your wallet a few extra bucks and you will have to get used to the temp change.. You may not even notice the difference, but if you do, just remember it‚Äôs for a good reason, or two. One for the eco system and the planet and second for your wallet at the end of the month.. Think of what you can do with that extra money.. Put it towards a vacation..

Other ways, like, replace the furnace and air-conditioning filters regularly, cut back on the hot water during washing dishes, laundry and showers (shorter and not as hot a showers / baths).. cut back on needless driving (gas fumes / emissions in the air plus saves your wallet in gas prices).    Turn off electronics and even go so far as to unplug most of them.. Do you really need 7 clocks? The Dvd player doesn‚Äôt need a clock on it, Electronics are electricity vampires, it all adds up and sucks money right out of your wallet. Unplug the toaster, all those other devices that don‚Äôt get used but once in a while don‚Äôt need to stay plugged into the receptacle, unplug them until they actually get used because they ARE using electricity just sitting there being plugged in‚Ķ

Re-USE  (instead of throwing something away, see if you can re use it for something else)

If you are unsure if something has another USE,  GOOGLE it.. lol.. That‚Äôs what I do..  Like dryer sheets, or 2-liter bottles, or larger gallon water bottles ect..  I Googled it and found out that all these things, including newspapers and toilet paper & paper towel rolls (after the TP is all gone) can be used in a Garden when the season is around‚Ķ YEP.. talk about re-cycling and Re-using‚Ķ.  Awesome‚Ķ

Reusing products and materials is a great way to create a much greener living / lifestyle.. It reduces in waste and plus your getting twice your money‚Äôs worth out of the product (considering you‚Äôve paid nearly 200% over cost for the product to begin with) I think you should get at least 200% out of it, right?.. Well, that‚Äôs what Reusing is all about.. Sometimes with Plastic products you can get a lifetime of us out of the product‚Ķ So your actually going to get 1,000% or more out of the product‚Ķ  Which brings me to another HINT / TIP.. BUY IN BULK this way you can refill your bottles.. OR you can learn how to MAKE a lot of these products yourself like laundry soap, shampoo‚Äôs ect‚Ķ    One of my favorite examples of Reducing but also falls under the category of reusing is Napkins (nixing the reason for buying paper towels)  Buy cheap dollar store dish towels, these can be used for Dish towels of course, but I buy a certain color or motif just for house cleaning. One set for cleaning up kitchen messes,  one set for cleaning up bathroom messes.. This way I know where they are to go after laundering. 

      I no longer get a To-Go coffee cup, I take my own cup and ask the gas attendee if I can have a discount for using my own cup. Most of the time I get anywhere from a measly 10 cent discount but sometimes I get more, depends on who‚Äôs behind the counter.

Everyone knows this one‚Ķ TAKE your lunch to work / school‚Ķ Use a washable bag, don‚Äôt use containers that you throw away.. use things that you need to take home and wash.. Come one, it does mean you have to take time out to wash your dishes. I know, seriously, it‚Äôs a matter of just  how lazy we‚Äôve gotten these days‚Ķ Convenience and laziness is NO EXCUSE for what we are doing to this planet, OUR planet..

   When it comes to re-using containers though.. When I was younger, I was perfectly ok with re-using the plastic containers that food came in at Walmart.. But now that I am older and I care NOT for what plastic does to foods.. I have switched to GLASS. I store all of my food in GLASS.. I re use plastic containers for NON edibles only now. Except for packing a lunch.. I will use a plastic lunch box for my daughter (she‚Äôs 11) only because she may break it still.


Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Even my home town of  NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE

we have a very small recycle center where the guy sits there in his truck waiting during a small window of 2 hours on 2 days a week to  help you unload your car.. You can recycle glass, or cans.  That‚Äôs it.. No paper..   At least it‚Äôs something..  In the bigger city before I moved here 1.5 years ago.. we had plastic and paper as well. but thems the breaks.. Out here in the country, we burn our paper or use it in our garden.. The plastic is the main problem. What to do with it.. Anywho..  Look it up in your local phone book, or even online for you local waste management resources. Find out what kind of recycling you have going on..  They may come pick it up from your house for a small fee (or large fee, who knows).. Or you may be able to drop it off somewhere like we do, free to you minus your gas in your car.   either way.. This should get you started.  

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