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Are you starting a Garden This year? Than do I have a book for you ! ! !



        I am reading Urban Gardening for Dummies. Even though I live on a farm of 77 acres (for now), I had a feeling there would be some interesting idea‚Äôs for gardening in there.. And I was right. ! ! !

        I am so happy to be an ambassador for the well known series of the ‚Äú for Dummies ‚Äù books, In which I am so glad to receive copies of these books to review for free so that I can give my opinion of that book. Please read on so I can tell you all about this wonderful book.

          It is Mid April and by now you should already have had your green house well underway (if you have one) with starts going good, or your little planters on your kitchen shelf with a few starts under the grow light at the least.. If not, don‚Äôt fret, it isn‚Äôt too late..  Go grab you a copy of this awesome book ‚Äú Urban Gardening for Dummies ‚Äú found at many locations like Wal-mart (Walmart), online and off, Magazine.com, target, www.dummies.com and amazon.com anywhere from $16.99 ‚Äì $13.80 used to New..

           It doesn‚Äôt matter if all you have is the space of a tiny window sill or a lonely old rain boot, you can have yourself anything from an herb garden to a small veggie garden.. All you need is a little imagination (and actually a grow light, some real good dirt and few other essentials)..   This book is awesome. did I say that already?  Well, I can‚Äôt say that enough..  It doesn‚Äôt matter if you‚Äôre a seasoned gardener or a beginner that doesn‚Äôt know a bean from an sprout, you can have a garden to be proud of‚Ķ

           With this book you will learn to: Make the most of limited space with vertical growing tips, rooftop gardens and more. Add beauty and color to your landscape with annuals, perennials, and bulbs, Grow the freshest, healthiest produce possible (from the cover)

Some things that I have placed markers in the book for me to use, how to make my own mulch and organic fertilizers, Testing the PH in my soil so that I know what plants to plant and also how to fix the soil so I can plant what I want..  There is an article in chapter 7 especially interesting on page 101 called Turning Recycled Materials into Chic and Useful Garden art, ( Using Yard sale Items, ect ) that I am particularly excited about.. I don‚Äôt know about you, but this one is a keeper.. I love antiques and re using old things and making them into new things so my garden is going to be an oasis, and art display as well as grocery store‚Ķ  I love the idea of Re-purposing items like News papers, toilet paper rolls when your done with the toilet paper, cardboard boxes, coffee filters (used ones), plastic milk jugs, old pallets ect in gardening or other projects to keep them from going in the dumps.. But using these things in a tasteful way and not having them make your yard look like a junk pile.. Ya know.. I don‚Äôt want to have people drive by my house and say ‚Äú dang, her yard looks like a junk yard ‚Äú.. I‚Äôm not a hoarder ! ! !.. I just want it to be beautiful..

            I an equally excited about reading more about going vertical in my garden, I‚Äôve seen a lot online about others that have taken their gardens upward in order to save space in their gardens and maximize space and create more veggies for their buck.. This is a great way to garden if your lacking in space, for the URBAN Gardener..


Let me show you what’s inside the book (also see the photo’s I took).

Chapters and sub chapters:

Part1: Urban Gardening:

            Chap.1  Gardening in the city

            Chap.2  Reaping the Benefits of Urban Gardening

            Chap.3  The Urban Microclimate

Part2: Gardening Basics

            Chap. 4  Getting to know your Soil

            Chap. 5  Feeding and fertilizing your soil

            Chap. 6  Getting your hands dirty, planting HOW TO

Part3: Places and Ways to Garden

            Chap. 7 Creating an outdoor room

            Chap. 8 Containing Your garden

             Chap. 9 a Garden with a view, The Rooftop Garden

             Chap. 10 Going Vertical in your garden

             Chap. 11 Apartment Gardens

             Chap. 12 Community gardening and urban farming

Part4. Growing Plants in the City

             Chap. 13 City setting, country food

             Chap. 14 The annual Flowering of the city

             Chap. 15 Perennial Flowers, Roses, and Bulbs in the city

             Chap. 16 Growing at Tree‚Ķ in Brooklyn

             Chap. 17 Lawns and Ground Covers

Part5. Growing to Perfection

             Chap. 18 Weeding and Mulching Your plants

             Chap. 19 Watering your garden

             Chap. 20 Controlling Urban Garden Pests

Part6 The Part of Tens

             Chap. 21  Ten tools for Urban Gardeners

             Chap. 22 Ten Kid-Friendly Ways to Garden in the city

             Chap. 23 Ten Tips to Manage a Sustainable Urban Garden

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