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When is a bad week, really a bad week.


well.  All that car stuff aside, my step dad found me a couple new tires for cheap.. SO now I have all good tires on my car.. TG cuz winter is just around the corner..

Right now, even with everything that has gone on that has been “down or negative” I have had equally good “Positive” stuff going on.. I haven’t been this happy in a long time.


Everyone has a bad day or two.. Sometimes it seems like it just runs on and on into a week or two..  July, Yes I mean the entire month, seemed to be down right a bad month. I was taking my college math class as you know, I failed it.. This is because I never had algebra in high school. BIG MISTAKE.  So trying to fit as much studying in, as well as quizzes and tests and assignments on a subject I knew nothing about..

For a short period, I was quite distraught over the fact that I failed.. My perfect (in my head) GPA, was tainted…  Until I found out that I can claim at least one forgiveness on a grade, so I left the class confident that I will succeed in September when I take it again. I know I can pass it now because I know I came a long way in learning by the last day of classes in July.  This doesn’t change how I feel about math in general, but I am now more confident in my own ability to learn at a fast pace..  I am not at all nervous about starting up in September.

This month (August) we are in Design Principles II.  I feel at home in this class.. It’s been a breeze so far (since I already have over 10 yrs experience using Photoshop). The class is all about using CS6.. I’m learning a lot and updating much of what I already know. Good times, great times.. I love this class.

OH.. What prompted this post, aside from wanting to update about where I am in classes.  Last week my days started out pretty crappy. I allowed myself to be mentally brought down over things out of my control. Everyone is allowed a day to spaz. I had mine (3 days in a row).  My battery died in my car, the place I bought the new battery from didn’t tell me that the battery terminals were reversed from my old one. I was told anywhere in my upbringing about looking for this issue.. ( I now know )

They let me install the battery backward, which in turn, blew a fuse.. It could have been worse than this, it could have fried the computer as well as the Starter / cylinoid possibly more.. The guy even came out when I told him my car wouldn’t start. He still didn’t tell me the battery was in backward.. This is the manager that has been there for years (I find out later on).  Instead. He tells me that the garage across the street will haul my car over to their place for free and determine what is wrong..  WOW.. They saw me coming. I got suckered.

I have to say though, I am very grateful it was only the Fuse. However, to get that replaced was a bit more than I had expected and drained me a little bit financially. Putting me in a tight spot ($$$).  

Since I moved out on my own 4 months ago things have been quite tight and I have been unable to save even a 1$ for rainy days.. I knew this and accepted this for what it was. I live within my means and do without.. But my daughter always comes first.. Needs never wants..   This is just a transition to a better place.  

Well I now have my niece living with me and she will be helping out with bills, so I can finally get a savings started again.  Anyway, my point is, today, on my way to visit family I got a flat tire. They live on dirt roads out in the boonies, the roads are rock (lime stone) famous for causing flat tires.. My new tire I just put on my car. Slashed. SOOO. Now I need to buy a new tire..   I could have gotten really upset and decided that life was against me.. Instead, I realize, these are all fluke things, out of my control.  It’s all good though.. I had a few things I didn’t need, like my Tablet and a new stereo I got for christmas, I sold them and now have the money to do what is needed until payday.. ALL GOOD.. NO BIGGIE..  

I am grateful that when things go wrong, if I keep my head, things always work out the way they NEED to work out..  Keeping with my promise to myself that I will not Sweat the small stuff.. (yes I did have a side track for a couple days.. I’m 45 and hormonal.. What else was going to happen..)  

 I refuse to follow along with or create more drama in my life when it is not needed..


Well that’s it.. My rant for today..   Blessed be everyone and remember.

Chin up. Someone out there is always going to have it as bad or worse than you. It’s never a good idea to feel sorry for yourself because you will only feel worse. Buck up and see it for what it is.. LIFE.. it is what it is.


Life circumstances change and so do I

I have recently been going through a lot of changes. Yes I am talking about Menopause, but also talking about changes in lifestyle, dreams, ideals, faith and so much more.

I always knew that once I hit a certain age I would change, but it never dawned on me it would be so “abrupt”. I figured on, or I should say I Banked on, that any changes I would go through would be gradual..   Maybe they were and I just wasn’t paying attention, but I have to say, in a matter of 4 measly years I noticed myself change BIG.. It’s like I woke up a month ago and looked in the mirror and saw someone else starring back at me.  That person had mixed feelings about her life style. She made a lot of decisions about her life (and her daughters life) but didn’t want to share them with me until “That day”.

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Tomorrow I am officially on Vacation

    I am so excited and nervous at the same time. My 2nd vacation with out my kids, but the first time I have ever gone out of the country.. First time I will be on an air plane for longer than 2 hours, and the first Vacation or TIME at all, that my best friend and I have ever gotten to have together.  We never got to have Girls day / night or anything.  She lives a few states away and made that impossible. I haven’t been able to visit her and she rarely ever gets to come here.

Anyway, this is a once in a life time thing and I am so excited.  Never in my life would I have ever thought I would be saying that “I’m going to the Bahamas”.. Not even if it had been a Honeymoon.   Which I  might add, I never got a real honeymoon with either of my marriages.  It doesn’t look I will be having one of those ever again either.  We will save that for another post on another day..

My excitement for this trip is overwhelming and I doubt I will be sleeping much tonight.

Just a few short days away | Bahamas here I come

image description                     10 years ago, if you had asked me where my dream vacation was, I would have said Hawaii or the Bahamas. But if you asked me if I would save $$ so I could go, I would have said.. Yes and No.. I would have saved the money, but when it came time to buy the tickets / hotel room ect. I would have buckled and not done it..  WHY?  because I can’t see myself spending that kind of money on something like that..  I knew that the only way I would ever get to go to a place like this, is if I won the money, won the trip or someone else paid for it…  I have too much of a MOM conscience in me. I see that kind of money as “ I can do so much for my kids with that money” or make a payment on debt ect…

    I never thought I would be going out of the country… I am getting nervous. I have never been on an air plane for quite this amount of time. We have to switch planes twice (total of 3 air planes) total trip lasting around 9 hours I believe, that includes the layovers.  With the way things are at Airports now, and lately I have been watching the news where they are talking about all the germs and viruses that are on airplanes, especially this new one “MERS”.  I am totally freaking out.  I will be turning into a neat freak.

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Moving Forward with Life

Yet another Doctor appointment.. Apparently when you hit your 40’s that is when you start having Doctor appointments, one after another and so on.. * LMAO *  This, I was not warned of.   Well, I am not of the Normal American woman anyway.. So I guess it’s safe to say there may not have been a true warning to give.. So all is forgiven.

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My Migraines | A New Life for me

Hello my fellow readers,

If you have been keeping up with what has been going on with me in my personal adventure, my headaches / migraines. Last you heard I was supposed to go in for Botox shots.

Well, I had my appointment.

There always has to be Pro’s and Con’s to any medical procedure you have done.. It’s just a matter of deciding if it’s worth it in the end to fair through the trouble your go through (the con’s)..

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